Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Argentina, Mendoza and Puesto Viejo

I have found the time to write this entry because I have put off sleeping, something I have come to do quite a lot and for prolonged periods of time due to the fact that this country is knackering.
So charged up on two old friends, diet coke and Bastille, and after a long Argentine lunch, here it goes.

I realise its been a while since I have updated-  since I have left Chile, left Biggy and Tom who went to San Pedro, had a hairy border crossing to Argentina from Chile. I realised that Argentina was to me what Brasil seemed to be to everyone else, the sole reason I came to South America in the first place. Weeks of Asados, beautiful people, vicious driving and long nights lay before me at this point- First stop was Mendoza where I met up with another friend from school Rosie, and we spent three days cycling through wineries, once on a t├índem bike, getting awfully drunk but managing to stay in sync as we tasted exclusive Malbecs.
Mendoza was mostly a wonderful city with a huge beautiful park- San Martin. Really, with its beautiful entrance gates, huge fountains and lakes, you could have been in London.

I was still trying to sort out my internship at this point so carried on having to sneak off and skype various people- only once being ambushed in Spanish, which I somehow managed to gabble my way through. When Rosie headed north to Salta, I decided to head straight for Buenos Aires as my job was very close to starting. I was told only brief outlines as to how to get to Puesto Viejo, the polo club and the enstancia which did not sound particularly difficult. It is suitated only 60 kms from B.A

After the luxuruious cama journey I splashed out on, justifying the fact that I would be spending no money for the next month, I arrived in B.A horrendulously exhausted. There is definitely a pattern forming here! Hunting around and not finding the bus that was suggested to me I took, I took another which was supposably going to Canuelas. I had asked many people how to get to the right plaza in B.A Wheeling my huge bag along the crowded pavements, also having argued quite well I thought with a taxi driver because his meter was not switched on. Twice, two seemingly unassuming and friendly people, who were quite happy to help me, shunned me when I told them I was British so in the end, I told people I was German. However, this was not helpful either, because too tired to work on my Spanish, two girls rescued me when I thought I was on the wrong bus.
In the end, I ended up in downtown Buenos Aires, lost for the first time since leaving Bath but being looked after by the two kindest girls who allowed me to use their internet to contact the Estancia. In the end, a taxi was sent for me.

So thus far has been Buenos Aires for me- I cannot wait to get back to the true city that everyone will not stop raving on about. Getting to the Polo Club, I honestly had to pinch myself that I had made it. I had been given a Smart hotel room at least for my first week- its clean and utter luxury after slumming it in hostels...what a revelation that I do not have to sleep in my silk liner for fear of bed bugs!
So far, in between timing matches, preparing ponies for chukkas, babysitting and hacking out, they have given me five polo ponies to look after, I cannot be too long writing this because they need to do some stick and balling this afternoon.

This is definitely what I left home for...and its going to be very difficult to head back.

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